God, the Big Bang … next please …

Another article of mine has been published on The Conversation. Titled God, the Big Bang … next please …, I discuss whether the Big Bang was the birth of the Universe. The reason for writing this is the catch call from those wanting to undermine modern cosmology, declaring its birth from nothing is illogical.

While we have no theory of everything, with no single picture encompassing gravity and the other forces (and be careful of what you hear from the hype known as superstrings), we cannot see "through" the Big Bang, and don't know what was before it.

But that does not mean we think there was nothing, literally nothing, no time and no space, before the Big Bang, and plenty of ideas are out there on what possible came before. We could be a daughter universe, born during the formation of a black hole in a universe before, or just one of a continuation of cycling universes, or something even weirder we haven't even thought of yet.

As I say in the article; I don't think any cosmologist really thinks that the Big Bang was the Beginning.

Anyway, I didn't originally have God in the title. I'm sure it will raise a few eye-brows.


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