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The Redshift Drift

Things are crazily busy, with me finishing teaching this week. Some of you may know, that I am writing a book, which is progressing, but more slowly than I hoped. Up to just over 60,000 words, with a goal of about 80 to 90 thousand, so more than half way through. I know that I have to catch up with papers, and I have another article in  The Conversation  brewing, but I thought I would write about something interesting. The problem is that my limited brain has been occupied by so many other things that my clear thinking time has been reduced to snippets here and there. But one thing that has been on my mind is tests of cosmology. Nothing I post here will be new, but you might not know about it. But here goes. So,  the universe is expanding.  But how do we know? I've written a little about this previously, but we know that almost 100 years ago,  Edwin Hubble  discovered his " law ", that galaxies are moving away from us, and the further away they are, the faster they

Catching the Conversation

Wow!!! Where has time gone! I must apologise for the sluggishness of posts on this blog. I promise you that it is not dead, I have been consumed with a number of other things and not all of it fun. I will get back to interesting posts as soon as possible. So, here's a couple of articles I've written in the meantime, appearing in The Conversation One on some of my own research:  Dark matter and the Milky Way: more little than large And the other on proof (or lack of it) in science:  Where’s the proof in science? There is none There's more to come :)