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The Constant Nature of the Speed of light in a vacuum

Wow! It has been a while, but I do have an excuse! I have been finishing up a book on the fine-tuning of the Universe and hopefully it will be published (and will become a really big best seller?? :) in 2015. But time to rebirth the blog, and what a better way to start that a gripe. There's been some chatter on the interweb about a recent story about the speed of light in a vacuum being slowed down.  Here's one .  Here's another.  Some of these squeak loudly about how the speed of light may not be "a constant", implying that something has gone horribly wrong with the Universe. Unfortunately, some of my physicsy colleagues were equally shocked but the result. Why would one be shocked? Well, the speed of light being constant to all observers is central of Einstein's  Special Theory of Relativity.  Surely if these results are right, and Einstein is wrong, then science is a mess, etc etc etc. Except there is nothing mysterious about this result. Nothing s