A truly super computer

A short post, but the greatest computer ever built, the ZX Spectrum is 30 years old. Check it out!

I've written about this machine before, and it's influence on me, but one can only truly understand its greatness in song.
Yes, the graphics were not as spiffy as a PS3, and yes, games took forever to load (and there was the terror of tape loading errors), but you could program it in a real language (which let you play around with raw memory). For a certain generation, this song will bring a tear to your eye.

And if you don't know who the disembodied head is singing later on in this song, shame on you, shame!!!    
Through him, and the spectrum, I feel I had a distinct advantage entering university and becoming an astrophysicist. Thank you, Clive.


  1. Very Funny and scary!!

  2. Ah memories, still got ours in a box back home! I can't remember if I kept the tape deck, that might be as hard to replace as the ZX...


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